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Why SI - WLC Management

January 30, 2024

When Scott Stout had an opportunity to take ownership of five nursing and rehabilitation care communities in Southern Illinois back in 2017, he knew he had to jump at the chance. With the ownership of the homes, Stout needed a management company to oversee the daily operations at the facilities. That’s when WLC Management Firm, LLC was born.  Where does WLC get the name? Some may speculate “with loving care”. While WLC strives to provide that every day, the name is much more personal, named after Stout’s grandmother, Wilma Louise Collins.

What started with five facilities in Southern Illinois in 2017, has now grown to 18 facilities stretching from Decatur to Carmi and from Du Quoin to Harrisburg. WLC Management is one of the fastest growing companies in Southern Illinois, aiming to bring the highest quality care to the residents at their facilities, the same that he would have wanted his grandmother to receive.

Q & A With Scott Stout

Why Southern Illinois?

My family is all from Southern Illinois. I have had many chances to leave throughout the years, but I have always chosen to stay. It is a beautiful, hidden gem and there is nothing better than a small town, there’s just something about knowing people around you.

What do you feel makes Southern a great place to live, work, and do business?

We have good values in Southern Illinois. I know people all over Southern Illinois and it’s nice to see familiar faces in different parts of the region. We have a lot of different things available to do in this region. There are amazing outdoor opportunities with the beautiful Shawnee National Forest, hiking, fishing, and hunting. We are also so close to large cities such as Nashville and St. Louis if you wanting to dive into the hustle and bustle. The great communities and the people that are in them is why I love doing business in southern Illinois.

How do you see Southern Illinois in the future? What key assets does the area have to offer?

I see the Southern Illinois tourism industry growing, with a lot more people coming to the area. We have these gorgeous areas to visit in the Shawnee National Forest along with a wine trail and other businesses to shop and visit. For years, I feel like it’s been hidden, but more people are finding out about Southern Illinois. When they visit, they have a great experience and interact with friendly people, then they tell their friends and I think that is likely going to bring more people in the future.

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