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About SI Now

SI Now will serve as a regional economic development hub and unified voice for the17 southern counties of Illinois to advance our region as a great place to live, work, and do business.
Support Southern Illinois in becoming a thriving, economically diverse environment for business and industry with a growing population, labor force, per capita income and expanding tax base, while elevating an already high quality of life and place.
Create a positive ripple effect for citizens, communities, business owners, and local governments in Southern Illinois by:

• Creating jobs and opportunities for upward economic mobility
• Improving well-being and quality of life
• Attracting new businesses and residents
• Equipping workforce with specialized skills
• Creating opportunities for existing businesses to increase revenue through increased sales/clients
• Increasing tax base for local governments
• Reducing or stabilizing tax burdens on citizens and businesses
• Supporting existing businesses
• Attracting and expanding business in the region
• Developing our workforce education through training and employment growth in high wage sectors
• Creating a “win mentality” by elevating perceptions both within the region and beyond
A regional economic development hub is needed in Southern Illinois to:

• Create alignment with a unified message and pooled resources to pursue common goals
• Create synergy – a win anywhere in southern Illinois is a win for all of us
• Eliminate silos as obstacles to regional economic development
• Achieve benefits of scale as it is more effective to negotiate with outside stakeholders as a region
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