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About SI Now

SI Now serves as a regional economic development hub and unified voice for the 17 southern counties of Illinois to advance our region as a great place to live, work, and do business.

All rates & statistics accurate at time of original publish date.
Support Southern Illinois in becoming a thriving, economically diverse environment for business and industry with a growing population, labor force, per capita income and expanding tax base, while elevating an already high quality of life and place.
Create a positive ripple effect for citizens, communities, business owners, and local governments in Southern Illinois by:

• Creating jobs and opportunities for upward economic mobility
• Improving well-being and quality of life
• Attracting new businesses and residents
• Equipping workforce with specialized skills
• Creating opportunities for existing businesses to increase revenue through increased sales/clients
• Increasing tax base for local governments
• Reducing or stabilizing tax burdens on citizens and businesses
• Attracting and expanding business in the region
• Partnering to support existing businesses
• Developing our workforce education through training and employment growth in high wage sectors
• Creating a “win mentality” by elevating perceptions both within the region and beyond
A regional economic development hub is needed in Southern Illinois to:

• Create alignment with a unified message and pooled resources to pursue common goals
• Create synergy – a win anywhere in southern Illinois is a win for all of us
• Eliminate silos as obstacles to regional economic development
• Achieve benefits of scale as it is more effective to negotiate with outside stakeholders as a region
SI Now Board of Trustees
Kevin Beckemeyer
Legence Bank
Rodney Cabaness
Black Diamond Harley Davidson
John Dosier
First Southern Bank
Steve Falat
General Manager
Market Manager
River Radio
Dale Fowler
State Senator,
Illinois 59th District
Tony Iriti
Executive Director,
Jefferson County
Development Corporation
Austin Lane
Southern Illinois University
Lynn Andersen Lindberg
Executive Director,
Southern Illinois University
Research Park
Kathy Lively
Man-Tra-Con Corporation
Robert J. May
President & CEO,
Banterra Bank
Cary Minnis
Executive Director,
Greater Egypt
Regional Planning &
Development Commission
Mike Monchino
Principal Member,
Monchino Management
Will Stephens
City of Murphysboro
Woody Thorne
Vice President of
Community Affairs &
Chief Development Officer,
Southern Illinois Healthcare
Michael Tison
Tison Wealth Management
Tom Welge
Gilster-Mary Lee
Patrick Windhorst
State Representative,
Illinois 118th District and
Board President of OneShawnee
SI Now Team
Deborah Barnett, Ph.D.
Executive Director, SI Now
A Southern Illinois
Success Initiative
(618) 353-0100
Nick Holdinghausen
Regional Development
and Marketing, SI Now
A Southern Illinois
Success Initiative
(618) 353-0100
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