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"Our family has being doing business in southern Illinois since 1895. The region is rich in agricultural resources, provides a skilled and committed workforce, and benefits from leadership at the local and regional level that is forward thinking and proactive. Southern Illinois offers wonderful recreational opportunities, fun and historic adventures, and a strong educational system."
Tom Welge
President, Gilster Mary-Lee
Gilster-Mary Lee, headquartered in Chester, Illinois, is a leading Private Label food manufacturer with 14 different manufacturing facilities across four states.
“Access to Southern Illinois’ many resources, including top notch business training and support organizations like Man-Tra-Con and the Delta Regional Authority, have furthered Pepsi MidAmerica’s success. Additionally, Southern Illinois University and our local community colleges provide outstanding technology training, CDL training, and other career development courses that have equipped our employees with the skills they need to be successful. We also maintain a strong relationship with the City of Marion which has supported our business growth.

Southern Illinois is centrally located near several major Midwestern cities and has excellent roads for transportation which makes it an ideal location for our business.”
Keith Dickens
President, Pepsi MidAmerica
Pepsi MidAmerica is a large family owned Pepsi bottler and distributes food and beverages across its 5 state region.
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